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Seth Hudson
Birthday: Oct 11, 1989

Seth is our main character. Look at this hapless idiot. He has no idea. Anyway, he's from Sydney, and he has trouble sleeping. He moved to New York, mainly for school but he's probably got other reasons as well. He's currently employed at a night club with his cousin Luke.

Likes: collecting records, parties, the occult
Dislikes: Sour flavors, wasting food, and squid.

Lucas "Luke"

Birthday: February 15, 1986

Lucas is Seth's American cousin and roommate in New York. He's working towards becoming a licensed pharmacist. He works at the same night club as Seth, along with a couple of other odd jobs he may find. He's a pretty practical guy. He also likes to party a lot, but prefers being a bit more responsible than Seth. Though Luke and Seth didn't grow up together, Luke considers him to be sort of a brother. He is always questioning things, and can be a bit of a detective when unanswered questions capture his attention.

Likes: people, tea
Dislikes: mice




Leon Harper

Birthday: November 13, 1988

Leon is Seth's best friend from Perth. Leon has often gotten Seth out of trouble growing up. He's an understanding person, though he's always written off supernatural things and religion as fake. He is rather introverted.  He hasn't been seen since getting into a bad car accident.

likes: cars
dislikes: supernatural or esoteric junk




Janice Rockford

Birthday: February 21, 1991

From brooklyn, Janice has grown up in a tough neighborhood. She's level minded, and refers to herself as a witch sometimes. She's studying to become an interior designer, but also likes fashion. She makes friends easily, but is best friends with Iris, as they have a lot in common in terms of spirituality.

likes: fashion, old films, magic
Dislikes: math



Birthday: ?

Her origins a mystery, Iris is often regarded as a mysterious fortune teller. She owns a home with her sister Astraea, where it's said they hold the best parties each year, but something out of hand always happens.

Likes: Food, greek gods, tea, magic, chaos
strict rules


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